Father|Husband|Chicago Police Officer| Author| Mentor | Speaker| Youth Advocate

Who is Carmichael Lewis?

As a Chicago Police officer with over 14 years of experience serving inner-city youth, Carmichael Lewis is an author, accomplished motivational speaker, and advocate for youth everywhere. Carmichael has a Master of Science in Public Safety and has received numerous awards and honors for his outstanding impact and unselfish acts of bravery, including the Life Saving Award.


Carmichael has achieved considerable success in his life, but it has not been an easy road. As a teenager, he was arrested twice and failed the sixth grade due to a lack of supportive guidance. These setbacks, however, didn’t stop him, but rather set him up for success. He never lost sight of his goals no matter how difficult things got and now he is using his story to inspire youth to believe that “something better is always possible”.


Motivated to make an impact and driven by purpose, Carmichael is passionate about helping students as well as adults realize their full potential and overcome personal obstacles so they can reach their goals. He always strives to leave both people and the world a little better than he found it.

"Something better is always possible."

– Carmichael Lewis

"Never attach yourself to a place, a job, or another person. Attach yourself to your dreams, your vision, and your purpose. Attach yourself to things nobody can take away from you."


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