The Ultimate Teenager’s Guide;  Transformation through self-education will educate young people on how to set goals to achieve their dreams, how to manage and save their money and how to stay mentally and physically healthy.   With this book,  it will help create a vision for their life and help them define what success looks like to them. As young as twelve years old,  this book will inspire young people to discover their potential, teach them how to achieve financial independence, and how to succeed in school and beyond.  This book will create a breed of healthy and wise adults who will protect the wellbeing of future generations.  I sincerely believe that  The Ultimate Teenager’s Guide will change the trajectory of many teenager’s lives for the better.

It is our responsibility as a society to guard the wellbeing of our children. This book is one essential tool that will affect the lives of young people and the community as a whole.

Mira Mira-Look! shows how our household is teaching our son English and Spanish at the same time.  By having a Hispanic mother and a black father, our son is learning how we are unique from traditional families.

Mira Mira- Look! teaches children a few common words they see daily.  It introduces a second language and shows that children’s curiosity sparks them to inquire about their environment… saying “Mira-Mira” in Spanish or “Look” in English.

From our household to yours, we hope you enjoy Mira Mira- Look!

Julian Parker never prepared himself for the moment that this incredible woman would have walked into his life. Aniyah’s presence captivated his soul from the second they met. By their first date, he knew she would be the perfect mate. People always mock love at first sight, but to Julian the disbelief was false. Julian had spent much of his adult-hood running from the past, fighting to free himself from the incidents that had plagued his life.

The newlyweds planned an incredible trip to Hawaii for their honeymoon, and it was an exhilarating time for both parties. Neither one had traveled much, so experiencing the event together made the trip all the more worthwhile. But then the unthinkable happened. Aniyah sat in a hospital room, watching an artificial machine breathe for her husband. The last thing she wanted was to think about traveling when the love of her life was in the hospital.​

In the months that follow, joy takes over: Aniyah and Julian celebrate their incredible news. It’s as if Julian’s heart condition doesn’t exist. They want to drag out the experience indefinitely. Julian feels alive for the first time in his life. In the midst of chaos, the couple finds happiness within the smallest package: a baby girl is on the way. As Julian faces the imminent possibility of death, it allows him to dig deep within his soul and confess the overwhelming events of his past. In return, he learns true love is unconditional.

The Gold Mind is to help you live a more purposeful life. This book will help you change the way you think about your future, family, friends and finances. The gold mind will walk you through ways you can Identify your purpose. Many of us go through life existing and hoping for things to happen, when we can create opportunities to make things happen. Often times we think of the glass half empty and not knowing our mind has created a dark cloud, now we are identifying every problem as negative. With this book” The Gold Mind” your attitude towards many situations will mainly be positive. If we change our perspective about life we change not only ourselves but the people around us. Having a winning mindset will create more positive and happier people in the world. Money is not more important than a positive mindset. This book is entitled “ The Gold Mind” because of the value gold has on this society. However having a gold mind will make any person be much more valuable. This book will teach anyone to have a positive and powerful mindset so that they can win at any situation. This book will help anyone to master their mind.

“ The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude” William James

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